ToPCaP draws from within the organization high level and, in some cases, one-of-a-kind resources to do prostate cancer research. The resources comprise a wealth of material assets, data, systems, procedures, methods and support disciplines that are readily available when needed. ToPCaP's structure allows these resources to be accessible and utilized across the organization which increases effectiveness and efficiency.


The success of research is unavoidably tied to the databases the research is pulled from. In this regard, ToPCaP’s collection of cohorts and databases is unmatched. ToPCaP has five primary cohorts, several of which have subset cohorts. Two of these cohorts reside in Sweden at Orebro University Hospital, one in the United Kingdom at King's College London, one in Ireland in multiple university affiliated hospitals, and three in the United States at The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the Arthur and Linda Gelb Center for Translational Research.


Technology, both medical and informational, plays a valuable role in ToPCaP’s research. Sophisticated equipment, methods, systems and procedures are a necessary component for ToPCaP’s reasoned scientific investigations.