Stephen Pennington

Professor of Proteomics, University College Dublin

Basic Science

Steve graduated from Imperial College of Science and Technology (University of London) with a joint honours degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry before completing a PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge.  During his PhD he was awarded an Elmore Medical Research Fellowship to study the regulation of the mammalian cell cycle an interest that was continued when he moved to the University of Liverpool as a Wellcome Trust lecturer. During this time he became involved in the new field of proteomics and set up a multi-user proteomics facility at the University of Liverpool and then in the Conway Institute in University College Dublin. A particular current interest of Steve’s is in the development of translational research by aligning clinical need to basic research in the discovery and subsequent quantitative measurement of protein biomarker signatures. He is co-director of and a lead investigator in the Dublin-based ‘Prostate Cancer Research Consortium.’

Steve has received a Sir Henry Wellcome Commemorative Award for Innovative Research, has been Director of Research and member of the board of a Cambridge-based seed-corn funded fledgling biotech company, has served in small scale consultancy capacities for a number of commercial organizations including Venture Capital companies and is on the editorial board of several journals including in a more senior capacity for Proteomics’ and ‘Journal of Proteome Research’.