Antoinette Perry

Senior Research Fellow, Scientific Lead Investigator Prostate Molecular Oncology, Trinity College Dublin


Dr. Antoinette Perry PhD graduated with a degree in Human Genetics in 2001 from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. In 2002, she was awarded a postgraduate scholarship from the Irish Research Council for science, engineering and technology to fund a PhD in prostate cancer epigenetics at Trinity College, Dublin. She completed her PhD in 2006, and further developed her research interests into cancer epigenetics, focusing on the role of DNA methylation in modifying Wnt signalling in cancer. In 2009, Antoinette was awarded a post-doctoral fellowship from the Irish Cancer Society to explore the role of DNA methylation in regulating microRNA genes in prostate cancer. In 2011, Antoinette was honoured to receive a Young Investigator Award from the Prostate Cancer Foundation, the first Irish person to receive such as accolade. Antoinette leads a research team focusing on translational prostate cancer epigenomics. Her major research interests are centered around bridging the gap between the pathogenesis of prostate carcinogenesis and molecular prognostic biomarkers through epigenomic aberrations, primarily DNA methylation and ncRNAs. She is involved in several major international collaborations including the Movember GAP1 urine biomarker project. She is a member of the Irish Prostate Cancer Research Consortium.