Mieke Van Hemelrijck

Senior Lecturer in Cancer Epidemiology, King's Health Partners


Together with Professor Holmberg, Mieke co-leads the Cancer Epidemiology Group. She mainly works on prostate cancer and coordinates King’s Health Partners Prostate Cancer Research Network. She is working on studies assessing comorbidities and side-effects following prostate cancer diagnosis using the Swedish National Prostate Cancer Register and PCBaSe Sweden. In addition, she has an interest in metabolic and inflammatory biomarkers within all types of cancer. She leads the Patho-Epidemiology Group together with Dr. Massimo Loda. Apart from facilitating tissue collection of all men diagnosed with prostate cancer at KHP, the group works closely with KHP Prostate Cancer Research Network to serve and research the large and unique prostate cancer population of South-East London. Together they aim to improve the ongoing research on distinguishing indolent from fatal prostate cancer. In particular, Mieke is interested in how the lipid metabolism is associated with risk and progression of prostate cancer with a specific focus on serum lipid biomarkers.