Suzanne Bracken

Research Coordinator, Molecular Medicine Ireland


Dr Suzanne Bracken is the Research Coordinator for the National Prostate Cancer Research Group in Ireland, a network of Prostate Cancer researchers from across the island of Ireland who have come together to form a comprehensive collaborative group to maximise Prostate Cancer research in Ireland. Her role includes co-development of a strategic plan for the group, coordinating group activities, facilitating both funding applications and the implementation of successful funding awards.

Suzanne also serves as Programme Officer for translational research at Molecular Medicine Ireland (MMI) where her responsibilities are to develop and deliver the work programme for translational research, as part of the ICRIN (Irish Clinical Research Infrastructure Network) team. Activities include coordinating the Irish Biomarker Network and MMI Biobanking Group.

Suzanne has over 5 years’ experience in the In Vitro Diagnostics industry where she was employed as a Senior Research and Development Scientist. She has experience in product development, as well as process redevelopment and technical support.

Suzanne graduated with a PhD in Immunology from the Institute of Molecular Medicine, St. James’s Hospital and Trinity College Dublin. The focus of her PhD research was on Coeliac Disease. She also holds a degree in Chemistry from University College Dublin and a Master’s degree in Biomedical Science from the University of Ulster, Coleraine.