Bill Watson

Professor, University College Dublin

Molecular Biology

As a translational cancer biologist I utilise the latest technologies available in the Conway Institute and international collaborations to develop hypothesis and discovery driven clinically relevant questions in prostate cancer. This understanding of the tumours cellular and molecular signature and patients response to it identifies better biomarkers for the detect and stratification of patients and informing appropriate treatment strategies. Due to the heterogenous and complex nature of prostate cancer I co-established and lead the Prostate Cancer Research Consortium which is a multi-disciplinary trans-institutional collaboration of scientists and clinicians dedicated to addressing clinically relevant questions in Prostate Cancer. In addition to the leadership and scientific direction of the consortium, I am also responsible for the co-ordination of the consortium’s bioresource where we collect tissue, blood, urine and DNA from men treated for localized Prostate Cancer. I have developed strong international collaborations with investigators in the EU, USA, Canada and Australia. As chair of the Basic Research Section of the European Association of Urology Research Foundation and a member of the scientific advisory committee of Movembers Global Action Plan, I am involved in establishing urological networks in the EU and around the globe.