Aida Santa Olalla

Biobank Coordinator, King's Health Partners

Database management

As the Prostate Cancer Clinical Database Manager and Prostate Cancer Biobank Coordinator of King’s Health Partners, Aida has been responsible for establishing these databanks, including both clinical and pathological data collected from patients diagnosed at the Urology Center and Oncology Departments at Guy’s Hospital. She works closely with the Prostate Cancer Research Network in setting up these databanks for research and helping in the establishment and creation of new cohorts and research studies. She also assisted in the launching of the Prostate Cancer Biobank together with John Brown and the Urology Centre and Oncology Department. She continues to learn about prostate cancer.

Previously, Aida worked mainly in Biomedical Informatics and in other areas of computational biology such as molecular evolution and genome scale bacterial metabolic reconstructions.

In particular, Aida is interested in molecular epidemiology, more specifically in the association of molecular biomarkers and the prognosis of prostate cancer.